Kaja Skytte

Danish design

I do product design, interior projects – always from an artistic viewpoint
Focus on diverse works with a distinct emphasis of materials and details within spaces

More Erik Jørgensen

Erik Jørgensen decorated their showroom at Pakhuset 48, Copenhagen with Kaja Skytte's products; Planteplaneter, Galaxy Globes, and wall structures, including a brand new circular wall structure.

Oslo Design Fair

Kaja Skytte will be exhibiting her Galaxy Globes, wall structures and a few Planteplaneter at the Oslo Design Fair. There will be new variations on display with several new colors added to the product lines.

London Design Festival

"Ruberg Jewellery is delighted to present an installation featuring selected works by Danish designer and architect Kaja Skytte. The installation exhibits Skytte's intricate Wallstructures and Planteplaneter – sculptural plant planets. Concurrently, Kamilla Ruberg unveils a fine jewellery series which resonates with the spherical forms of Skytte’s poetic Planteplaneter."