Planteplaneter are small “planets” of soil with succulents growing out of them, designed to hang from windows, ceilings, furniture etc.

The design of the Planteplaneter is based on traditional Japanese techniques, added a modern twist. It is a poetic and decorative suspension system, which offers an alternative to the ordinary houseplant. By presenting the plants as little flying planets, they become magic hanging sculptures.

Planteplaneter has been used by many, hereby Georg Jensen, Erik Jørgensen, Anne Black and many more.

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How to water your Planteplanet

Planteplaneter is easy to water. You do it by dipping it in a bowl for ten minutes every two weeks. On hot summer days it must be watered every week. If you squeeze it after watering, it can be hung directly back into position without dripping.

Will the Plant grow out of the coco?


How long time will it last?

Depends of the specific type of Plant and how good you take care of it. Usually they last for many month or years. But we cannot make a guarantee. Just contact ud if you need more guiding.



















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