Galaxy Globe is a collection of elegant mobiles. The mobiles are made from light brass rings that slowly move around each other with a marble globe in the centre and resemble small solar systems.

Kaja Skytte often works in brass and marble and this has turned out to be a recurring motif in her designs. She has a special focus on materials, the interaction with space and is especially inspired by hanging things.

The mobiles come in different sizes: single, small, medium, long and large with a marble globe in the middle. The marble globes are available in a variety of colors. You can get it in dark green, light onyx, dark grey, blue, vintage rose, light grey, marbled white and orange. The Galaxy Globe is suspended in a golden chain with an S-shaped hook at the end. It can be hung from a hook in the ceiling, windows, etc., to add an elegant, de-stressing, Nordic twist to your home.

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