Halo is a simple circular mobile. It was originally made as an alternative way of displaying Planteplaneter, but works just as great for other beautiful designs. Halo is made out of brass, brown leather string and a little suspension ring.

Brass is a continual theme in Kaja Skytte’s designs and in this simple design she has added a bit of leather. Kaja Skytte is very much inspired by hanging things, which you can see in many of her designs, for instance her Galaxy Globes and Orbits.

This product is only available in a one size and has a diameter of 31 cm. We have included a few options of other plants for you to choose from, but feel free to try out your own ideas. You can be as creative as you want! The size of the circular brass gives you the possibility to choose both small and big decorations for your Halo. As an inspiration you can for example decorate your Halo seasonal. It can be hung on a wall to add an elegant twist to your home.

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