How to care for your Galaxy Globe

How to care for your Kaja Skytte brass products


Like all brass, your Kaja Skytte brass products (Galaxy Globe, Rain, Orbit etc.) may tarnish and lose its warm gleam over time. Luckily there’s a very easy way to clean it. You simply need three things:

  • Dish soap (a good squeeze)
  • Citric acid (can be bought in e.g. supermarket) 1 tablespoon to ½ L water
  • Warm water
  • (Rubber gloves to protect your hands)


Mix it all, and leave the brass in to soak for 30-40 minutes. If you are dealing with large objects you can fill your kitchen sink. Take out and wipe immediately with a dry tea towel (if you leave it wet, it will leave marks – and you may have to do it all over again)


If your object is too big for you to soak, you can make the mixture and polish with a (soft) sponge or dishcloth. Wipe with dry tea towel.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are cleaning your Galaxy Globe DO NOT leave the marble stone in the mix!