Ruberg Jewellery is delighted to present an installation featuring selected works by Danish designer and architect Kaja Skytte. The installation exhibits Skytte’s intricate Wallstructures and Planteplaneter – sculptural plant planets. Concurrently, Kamilla Ruberg unveils a fine jewellery series which resonates with the spherical forms of Skytte’s poetic Planteplaneter.”

Collaboration with Ruberg Jewellery to add a magical atmosphere to the exhibition space of the elegant geometric pieces of jewellery showcased at the London Design Festival. There will be custom made Wall Structures on display with Planteplaneter adding a poetic twist.

Dates for Formex:
Saturday 17th – Sunday 25th September

Ruberg Jewellery
21 Islington high St, London N1 8EA, United Kingdom

London Design Festival
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