I have been co-operating with a small workshop near Carrara in Italy for a long time. 

And lots of lovely new Marble products have finally arrived. It is the first time I have received such a big amount of stunning marble products.

Please come and see us and enjoy a drink in Marble MANIA in my studio. Where we will have a launce on Saturday 14 October and we will show all the new products in Kaja Skytte Studio. I am very excited to present the new marble sphere, geometric shapes and sculptures in a verity of beautiful colours and shapes. 

There will also be a limited edition of our Planteplaneter with special marble beads from Carrara and the Galaxy Globe will be available in all the beautiful marble colours.

I have been fascinated by marble and brass, and the way they work together for a long time. And from the very beginning I have created products made from brass and marble as you see it in Galaxy Globe.  The Mable I get from Carrera is extremely beautiful and each object has its own life. The fact that every stone has its own life is inspiring and beautiful. And every time I design a new object the marble is hand picked in close cooperation with the family company in Italy that works with me.

The new marble spheres that we will present at Marble MANIA are displayed on a brass foot and can be displayed either on the floor, windows shelf or table.

The marble is from a little town near Carrara, which is located near the Italian Rivera in the Northern Tuscany. This town became famous during the 15st century. Michelangelo was the first sculpture to recognize the potential and the beauty of the local stone and has been a hot spot for artist and sculptures ever since.

Looking forward to see you in my Studio! Saturday 14 oct.

Kaja Skytte