marés collection kaja skytte

The Marés Collection is a series of sculptures created by Kaja Skytte and Gunhild Romme during a residency in Can Lis, Mallorca.

The two artists did a research on Mallorcan building traditions using three different types of sandstone, which they retrieved from the local quarry in the small town of Porreres.

The three types of stone; Amarillo, Salmon and Bianco have different qualities, colors and textures. In the Marés Collection, Kaja and Gunhild experimented with the relation between these different materials, combining them in a geometric idiom.

From this project, you have the possibility to buy a handmade orb in sandstone. The sandstones are available in two different sizes. The big sandstone has a diameter of 29 cm and weighs 28 kg.

The stones are held together by metal brackets, which were developed specifically for the sculptures.


Photos by: Camilla Tange Peylecke 

Marés Collection - Kaja Skytte

marés kaja skytte

marés - kaja skytte

marés - kaja skytte design

Marés Collection - Kaja Skytte

Marés Collection - Kaja Skytte